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At age 7, Wyatt was diagnosed with ALD. His adrenal glands were impacted at a young age and he has been supplementing his adrenal glands with cortisal since February 2009.  He has also been on various seizure medication since then, but the medication has not stopped his seizures.  Many doctors believed his seizures were unrelated to the ALD, however that is still up for debate.

Typically, when boys don't have cerebral symptoms until adulthood, the disease is called AMN or Amenoneuropathy.  Although the cause is the same, the symptoms are generally different.  Shortly after his 21st birthday, Wyatt began to experience symptoms.   Cognitively he is as smart and aware as ever.  Since the myelin has deteriorated on the left side of his brain, his right side is impacted, and that includes his speech.  So although he knows what he wants to say, he cannot always find the words.  He's a good sport about us pitching in and guessing like a game of charades.  Since his entire right side is affected, he walks, but with difficulty and doesn't have the use of his right arm. 

He's done amazingly well adapting to these drastic and severe changes.  Wyatt always has been and continues to be a warrior and he's determined to win this war. We greatly appreciate the prayers and outpouring of love and concern.