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www.ald-amnglobalalliance.org - A comprehensive and up to date site to
unite like minded charitable foundations from around the world with the common goal to spread awareness, raise money to advance research for treatments and a cure, expand the bone marrow and cord blood registries and provide support, direction, and information to ALD and AMN affected persons and their families.

www.myelin.org -- An organization founded by the Odones family, known for developing "Lorenzo's Oil". This project is dedicated to ending human suffering from demyelinating diseases. As a member of the board of directors, Diane Love is helping to accelerate research on myelin repair.

www.fightald.org -- An exceptional foundation that aims to take away the mystery of ALD and replace it with knowledge and understanding of this devastating disease that is affecting our families.

www.specialfamilies.com -- A resource for families with children suffering from debilitating diseases. Find coping strategies and more to help surmount the challenges you and your family may face.